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A friend works for NEA and here's what she advises: Hi all, pls make sure that u keep all windows shut at all times n bathroom doors too. Wat u breathe in gets lodged deep in ur lungs n can't get out. It's the PM2.5 particulate matter that's dangerous
Make sure u cover your nose when outdoors
Seems last night psi was actually 462 and not 300+ as reported.
These particles are called PM10 (10 refers to size in microns of the particulate matters). Breathing in an excess of these particles can increase a person’s risk of developing viral and bacterial infections, as well as heart and lung diseases, cancer and stroke. While the bigger air particles are filtered out by the respiratory tract, tiny particles are typically deposited in the lungs. These tiny particles can accumulate over time and harm the body.
Anyway drinks lot of water. Apparently can help kidney to wash the shit off
Forwarded -Please bring a huge umbrella out today.. and avoid rain water at all cost... government is planning to seed the clouds to rain and according to my chemist friend, the rain water is harmful to human skin. So if u see rain falling, stay indoor, and don't rain dance ok! 👯

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